You are invited to partner with us in the development of supportive programs that will empower people with disabilities to stand up for their rights and be equal citizens with equal privileges.

  • The average donation is only NIS 4 per month
  • Each month the amount of the contribution appears in the credit debit
  • The service can be canceled at any time easily and quickly

How to round up

With Igul l’Tova, every amount charged to your credit card that includes change is rounded off to the nearest shekel, and that small sum is sent to us as a donation.

For example: You made a purchase for ILS 7.60? Your charge will be rounded off to ILS 8 and ILS 0.40 (40 agurot) will be donated to Israel Elwyn.

Why should you donate to Israel Elwyn?

Israel Elwyn (IE) was established in 1984 and operates in collaboration and support of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health and local municipalities nationwide. IE serves more than 5,200 people with disabilities including toddlers, children, teenagers, young people, adults and seniors.

Sign and round up for Israel Elwyn

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