Partner for equal opportunities and inclusion in society

Employer? It’s good that you came :)

You have an opportunity to join hundreds of businesses that employ thousands of workers with disabilities, who benefit from being partners in a social mission of inclusion, and from employees with great motivation and purpose.


So, what do you, the employer, gain?

1. Placement services (free of charge) including:
  • Mapping of available positions in the business
  • Identification of a suitable employee
  • Guidance, training, and support for the employer, staff, and employee in the process of acclimation and integration
2. Payment of an adapted salary appropriate to the abilities and production of the employee.
3. Participation of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services in adaptations for the employer, according to need and position.
4. Varied labor – Research indicates that inclusion of employees with disabilities in the workplace positively impacts the sense of commitment and motivation of all employees.

Disability is a matter of perspective.
If you can do just one thing well, somebody will need you.

(Martina Navratilova)

Hundreds of workers with disabilities throughout the country, supported by the staff of Israel Elwyn’s Job Placement program, are successfully included in workplaces in the business sector, in places such as – factories, hotels, restaurants, retail chains, and large businesses. Additionally, in the public sector, for example: the Israeli Knesset, courts, local authorities, and government ministries, with the support and guidance of Israel Elwyn’s multidisciplinary staff.


Want to join the companies, businesses, NPOs, and public institutions throughout the country who are partners in social achievement?

The collaboration between employers and Israel Elwyn is a win-win situation that greatly contributes to both the employing business and the workers.

Ask Hofit and the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center ?

Businesses that are interested in details and considering the possibility of collaborating and employing workers are invited to fill out the form below or to contact Ron Carmi, Director of Employer Relations at Israel Elwyn.

Businesses that are full partners in employing workers with disabilities in the working world receive the quality seal of an “Open-Door Employer,” testifying that they are equal-opportunity employers, providing chances for true inclusion in society.

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    Areas of activity: All over the country
    Ron Carmi

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