Eyad's Succulents

Eyad Hallaq, z”l, was a service recipient at the Elwyn El-Quds branch. On Saturday, May 30th 2020, Eyad was walking, as he did every day, to the Employment Training Center located in Jerusalem’s Old City, where he participated in a job placement program, with the goal of finding a job in the community. On his way to the center, he was tragically shot by police officers, due to an error in identification and lack of communication between him and them.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Eyad had to stay home, like the rest of his family, and he chose to work at gardening, doing it with great love and devotion. One of the last photos of Eyad shows him with a succulent plant, which symbolizes several things – firmness, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, and accelerated development.

In a process conducted following Eyad’s death, it was decided to establish the “Eyad’s Succulent” initiative. Succulents will be planted nationwide, and will be grown and nurtured by service recipients in the organization’s varied programs, and by Eyad’s friends.
We invite you to take an essential part in the initiative’s success, by filling out the form below. You can choose where your donated succulents will be planted. As a token, we will send you a personal certificate of appreciation online.
All donations raised by this initiative will be deposited in a dedicated fund in Eyad, z”l’s, honor. The fund is will be used to promote job training courses and dental care subsidies for people with disabilities at the Elwyn El-Quds branch.

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Contributions from the United States and Canada are recognized as tax deductible in accordance with the tax laws of each country.

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You are invited to partner with us in the development of supportive programs that will empower people with disabilities to stand up for their rights and be equal citizens with equal privileges.

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