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The band that melts hearts and connects people

After appearing at large public events and collaborating with Israel's foremost music and cultural stars, Shavim Band, consisting of singers with disabilities, always lights up the stage and will come to your event to make it particularly unforgettable and meaningful.

We invite you to watch the TV report covered by Channel 12 on Shavim Band's performance of the song "From a Distance" by Gali Atari and Sagiv Cohen, in memory of Noya Dan z"l from Kibbutz Kissufim and Ruth Peretz z"l from Kiryat Haim

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Book Shavim Band for these events:

Ceremonies, launch parties, social events, team-building evenings, company or organization conferences, birthday celebrations and family events. And in general, for any exciting event when you want to give your audience a musical experience that moves the body and thrills the heart. The familiar and beloved songs in the performance touch and delight everyone while the band stands on stage and sings almost in a dream.

How long is Shavim Band’s performance?

Our show is currently around 20 minutes and is suitable for events that need exciting, connecting content that is powerful, fun, and blends beautifully with the event.

Praise for Shavim Band

"I was excited to take part in the important project in memory of Noya z”l and Ruth z"l and to perform 'From a Distance' with the exciting Shavim Band. I have performed the song, written by singer and songwriter Sagiv Cohen hundreds of times, but this time was undoubtedly the most moving for me."
Gali Atari
"The band is exciting and heartwarming, I'm proud of you."
Ran Danker
"Nothing excites Ran and me more than hearing the boys and girls sing this song."
Eli Boatner
"Thank you for the video and moving rendition of the song "Something New Begins". A great privilege!
Danny Robas
"We invited the Shavim Band to a “raising of the glass” in the presence of Moshe Arbel, the Minister of Interior, and all of the ministry’s employees and managers. The band made the event super exciting and uplifting. I recommend that any event producer who wants to add a unique element to their event should book the Shavim Band."
Levana Barashi, Human Resources Department Manager at the Ministry of the Interior.
"If you're looking to significantly upgrade your event, book this lovely band, they will make your event!"
Shira Alon, Human Resources Manager (communications company)

Shavim Band in the Press

Our Story

Shavim Band was established in 2023 with the aim of providing a platform for young people with disabilities to be included in the community and music industry, stirring hearts and inspiring more young people who wish to fulfill their dream and break the boundaries of limitations.

Who is behind Shavim Band?

Behind the band is Israel Elwyn, which was established in 1984 and operates in partnership and with the support of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health; Municipalities and local authorities throughout the country. The organization provides services to more than 5,200 children and adults with disabilities.

Want Shavim Band at your event?

Fill out your details in the form and we will be happy to sing for you!