Established in 1984, Israel Elwyn (IE) operates in collaboration with and supported by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health; and local municipalities nationwide. IE serves more than 5,200 individuals with disabilities including infants, children, teenagers, young people, adults and seniors.

We provide a wide range of programs and supports that include early intervention centers; extended day programs in preschools and schools; transitional programs for teenagers and young adults; support programs for young adults who volunteer for military or national service; job training and employment support; adult day centers; retiree programs; supported living services; self-advocacy programs; cultural and recreational programs.

It is our belief that all individuals have the ability to advocate for themselves and to stand up for their own rights. Developing this capacity enables people with disability to take responsibility for their own life, to impact their environment, and to fulfill their needs and desires.


Our commitment to a safe environment

All individuals are entitled to live in a safe and respectful environment that protects them from abuse, exploitation and neglect. This commitment to a safe environment is a core value in all our programs, as we are obligated to act responsibly and consistently to create safe surroundings for our service recipients and professional staff, while increasing awareness through preventative and proactive activities.

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