Early Intervention


Early Intervention Programs

Israel Elwyn operates early intervention programs for toddlers aged six months to three years. The early intervention programs that operate in accordance with the Rehabilitative Day Care Law (2000) provide rehabilitative services and comprehensive care to toddlers with developmental delays and/or autism during the first years of their development.

The schedule of activities is based on numerous studies which assert the significant role and importance of early intervention in providing opportunities for the toddlers’ future.

The program follows the agenda of regular preschool education programs, while incorporating additional, extensive therapies provided by professionals, including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. In addition, a nurse is available for all the children’s medical needs.

Classes for toddlers with autism operate according to an integrative developmental therapeutic method, combined with and guided by the DIR model (Developmental Individual-Difference Relationship-Based) for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

A special emphasis is placed on the inclusion of the child’s family as an integral part of the program.

The Early Intervention Program Placement Process

Acceptance of a child in the early intervention program requires the following steps:

  1. Request for diagnosis by the family HMO’s Center for Child Development.
  2. Request for recognition by the National Insurance Institute.
  3. Submission of an early intervention program placement request via the municipal social worker in the family’s city of residence.
  4. A decision by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs stating the Ministry’s approval for early intervention center placement.

During the diagnostic stage, or upon its completion, parents are invited to visit the early intervention program for an introductory meeting.

Referral Authorities and Supervisors

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs via the Municipal Department of Social Services.
The Ministry of Health.

Volunteer Activity

Program volunteers include private individuals, college students, National Service volunteers, high school students, organized groups and employee organizations. Activity is adapted to correspond to the volunteer’s requests and program needs.

Potential volunteers are invited to contact us via one of the locations below:

For volunteering, contact us arrow


The Jerusalem Early Intervention Center
Elwyn El Quds Early Intervention Center

Northern region

Stein Center, Haifa
Usha Center, Kibbutz Usha
Kalaniot Center, Kiryat Atta
George Willner Center, Kiryat Bialik
Paamonit Center, Kiryat Motzkin
HaDekel Center, Karmiel
Tsofit Center, Karmiel
HaGalil Center, Karmiel
Safed Center

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