After School Education Services


After School Education Services

Israel Elwyn’s After School Education Services enable special education students to participate in enrichment activities after school hours. The program provides knowledge and skills beyond those taught during school hours and encourages active student involvement. Activities take place in small groups with an emphasis on personal attention and are appropriately adapted to meet the individual’s needs. Activities include sport, yoga, music, animal-assisted therapy, cooking, arts and crafts, and others.

Target Population

The program is designed for children and youth with intellectual developmental disabilities, ages 3-21, who live with their families in their respective communities and attend special education schools or inclusive programs in the regular school system.


Sunday through Thursday, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

Partners and Referring Organizations

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs’ Administration for People with Disabilities, Private Entities.

Acceptance Procedures

Parents interested in registering their child for the program must contact the social worker at the Social Services Office in their neighborhood tasked with coordinating acceptance and committee approval.

Volunteer Activity

Center volunteers include private individuals, college students, National Service volunteers, high school students, organized groups and employee organizations. Activity is adapted to correspond to the volunteer’s requests and program needs. Potential volunteers are invited to reach out to the contact people listed below.

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