Accessible Medical Services


Accessible Medical Services for People with Disabilities

Students in the The Henrietta Szold Hadassah – Hebrew University School of Nursing take part in community projects that, among other issues, attempt to clarify the needs of service recipients living in community living services. As part of this project, students created the “traffic light form,” which people with disabilities take with them when they go to the hospital to facilitate quick, accessible testing.

Prior to planning the form, students met with emergency room doctors and nurses and with Israel Elwyn employees who work with service recipients in community living services.

People with disabilities have a right to proper medical treatment and accessible medical services in accordance with their needs. Based on this principle, Israel Elwyn established a collaborative relationship with the Hadassah Medical Center’s School of Nursing that includes visits to Israel Elwyn by nursing school students. During their visits, students learn about Israel Elwyn’s vision, volunteer with service recipients and speak to service recipients about their needs. These encounters have often exposed the difficulty that exists in providing accessible medical services for people with cognitive disabilities, primarily in the hospital emergency room settings.

Target Population

People with disabilities requiring emergency room medical services at Hadassah Medical Center.


The Henrietta Szold Hadassah – Hebrew University School of Nursing, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical Center, Israel Elwyn professional staff, service recipients and their families.

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