Pre-Employment Preparatory Workshop


Pre-Employment Preparatory Workshop

Pre-Employment Preparatory Workshop for People Eligible for Professional Rehabilitation, The National Insurance Institute of Israel

The pre-employment preparatory workshop program operates on behalf of the National Insurance Institute of Israel prior to the service recipient’s entry into the competitive job market.

Participants are offered the opportunity to acquire or sharpen skills needed in the job market. The program includes strengthening inter-personal skills, learning work habits, bolstering learning skills, enhancing computer proficiency and acquiring tools for personal career development.

The program team will accompany participants as they are exposed to the varied and dynamic world of job opportunities as a starting point for their own career choice decision.

The program operates under the supervision of the National Insurance Institute’s Department for Rehabilitation.

Target Population

The program is open to people with disabilities aged 18 and over, eligible for professional rehabilitation through the National Insurance Institute of Israel.

Referring Organizations

The National Insurance Institute of Israel.

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