Supported Living Services


Supported Living Services

Founded in 1991, Israel Elwyn’s Supported Living Services provide living arrangements and support to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Supported Living Services’ apartments are located in different neighborhoods of Jerusalem and Herzliya.

Two to six residents reside in each apartment, with the support of the program’s professional staff, including coaches, coordinators, and social workers.

During morning hours, residents either work in the job market, attend employment training or adult day centers, according to their preferences and capabilities. During afternoon hours, residents participate in recreational activities of their choice. Each year, they go on vacation in Israel or abroad.

The primary goal of the services is to provide the residents with the tools for inclusion in the community by creating individual plans that increase their ability to function and to live independently with equal opportunities.

With this in mind, the residents make use of various community resources, including recreational programs, health services (HMOs), residential association committees, local supermarkets, and more.

Do you have a neighbor with a disability? Okay, so just behave regularly… 🙂
Watch this video that uses humor to show an encounter between a resident of a building with her new neighbor, a person with a disability.
The video was produced by an Israeli video company, courtesy of Israel Elwyn.

Target Population

People with intellectual or developmental disabilities aged 21 and over.

Program's Acceptance Procedure

People interested in the program are required to contact a social worker in the social services department of their local municipality for evaluation and placement. The subsequent stage is in accordance with Israel Elwyn’s Supported Living Services’ acceptance protocol, including review by an acceptance committee, and an interview with the applicant and their family to assess the specific needs and expectations of the applicant.


Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, in cooperation with local municipalities.

Volunteer Activities

We welcome individuals and groups of volunteers, especially regarding social activities, weekend and holiday activities, and volunteers who are willing to provide company for individual residents at least once a week.
To coordinate volunteering or to receive further details, please contact Racheli Kaplan:
Tel. 052-6204503; Email:

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