Accessible Legal Services


Accessible Legal Services for People with a Disability

A unique program provided by Israel Elwyn under contract with the Ministry of Justice and JDC Israel, the goal of which is to render Ministry of Justice legal services accessible to people with disabilities. During the pilot stage, program participants include: the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Services Department, the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Office of the Public Defender. The program focuses on imparting knowledge and awareness of the general characteristics of disabilities – intellectual developmental, emotional, and communicative – and creating the tools that will enable lawyers and other professionals within the Ministry to provide better and more accessible service to people with disabilities.

Target Population

Young people and adults with disabilities

The Program Includes
  • Professional training for lawyers and other Ministry of Justice professionals on how to make their services accessible and appropriate for people with disabilities.
  • Development of tools for service accessibility.
  • Developing a pool of specialist advisors and counselors

The Ministry of Justice and the JDC Israel (the Joint).

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