Academy for Continuing Education


The Academy for Continuing Education and Professional Services

The Academy for Continuing Education operates according to the values of Israel Elwyn’s vision by supporting an organizational culture of learning, continuing education and training, as well as the management, documentation and dispersal of knowledge. The Academy provides an ongoing and comprehensive system of training programs, seminars, conferences, lectures and workshops for diverse audiences, including professionals and individuals with disabilities and their families.

The Academy operates in cooperation with institutes of higher education and peer professional organizations.

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Professionalization of Israel Elwyn’s Staff

The Academy for Continuing Education conducts courses, training sessions and ongoing education throughout the year, as part of its annual program.

In addition, Israel Elwyn supports the development of its employees both academically and through institutes for professional training, as well as in their participation in professional study days and conferences in Israel and abroad.

Professionalization of Service Recipients

Israel Elwyn gives high priority to the basic rights of individuals with disabilities to receive professional training and to acquire the necessary skills for inclusion in the world of work. The goal is to enable them to participate in different areas of society with an emphasis on work.

Israel Elwyn’s Academy for Continuing Education collaborates with professional training programs, assists in the adaptation of professional training and in the acquisition of skills for service recipients for inclusion in the competitive job market.

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