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Theater Group at the Israel Museum

Established in 2004 in collaboration with the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel Elwyn’s Theater Group numbers 14 actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in our Community Living Services.

The Theater Group’s actors are trained in the stage arts, including acting and dancing, and, during the course of their work, they receive instruction from professionals in the field.

The Theater Group meets and performs at the Israel Museum, where they view and experience works of art from different periods and respond to what they see in a unique, unconventional manner. The actors relate to and interpret the art, creating a surprising and touching human show that reveals to the audience the rich and exciting world of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The actors perform in the museum’s various galleries, as well as in its auditorium, with costumes, stage props, scenery and professional lighting.

  • To enable group participants to express themselves through acting, dancing and song; to create plays and artistic presentations and to perform and display them in front of an audience.
  • To contribute to the personal and emotional development of the actors and actresses, on the one hand, while on the other hand reaching out to touch people’s hearts and rouse them to accept individuals who may be different.
About the Plays

I Am Inspired: This play tells the story of a group of actors and dancers with intellectual disabilities by presenting their thoughts, desires and dreams about themselves, about us and about others. An authentic meeting of moments of truth translated into the language of theater.

To Love Without Limits: Animation, art and speech accompany what is expressed on the stage through words and movement. A form of a “silent movie” about love and the desire to form a relationship and build family, aspects of life they often lack. The actors express their dream to get married, if for no other reason than to take advantage of the opportunity to wear wedding clothes, to be happy and to have a family. The play concludes with a huge wedding party, including refreshments and dancing with the audience, creating a spontaneous, informal interaction between actors and audience.


The Israel Museum and Rina Padua, representing “Knafa’im,” a group founded by Rina to provide a stage for actors with disabilities.

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Producer and Theater Group Director

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