• 1984


    Jerusalem Elwyn founded at the initiative of the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Government of Israel as an offshoot of the American nonprofit, Elwyn Inc.

    Among the first programs: Occupational Training Center (OTC) and Adult Day Center

  • 1987


    Opening of Israel’s first supported employment program for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • 1988


    Management of Jerusalem’s Supported Living Services (formerly “the Swedish Village”) is transferred from the government to IE

  • 1989


    Opening of the first supported employment program for individuals referred by the National Insurance Institute’s Rehabilitation Department

  • 1991


    IE assumes management of the Dvora Agmon Preschool Center, founded in 1971 by the late Prof. Naomi Amir, which maintains an international reputation for the education, training and care of children with cerebral palsy and communication disorders

  • 1992


    Community Living Services apartments established in Jerusalem

    Early Intervention Center (ages 18 months to three years) opened at Dvora Agmon Preschool Center

    Training Center for supported employment established at Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center

    Opening of program for adults with autism at Jerusalem’s Adult Day Center

  • 1996


    18+ program established, a unique transitional program to prepare high school students in special education for the world of work

  • 1997


    IE’s community services and management move to new Sabbah Center building in Jerusalem

    Direct Mail social enterprise established at Moshav Ora (near Jerusalem)

    Haifa & Northern Israel branch opened at the request of the Municipality of Haifa, providing continuum of employment services at Hosen Adult Day Center, Adult Day Center, and the Employment Training Center

  • 1998


    Name changed from Jerusalem Elwyn to Israel Elwyn (IE)

    First job training course established, focusing on the food service (“Mirkam”)

    Establishment of Mandell Exchange Program, funded by the Samuel P. Mandell Foundation, enabling annual week-long visits with their overseas colleagues for rehabilitation professionals in Israel and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

    IE begins operating as an independent entity, ending its managerial ties with the American Elwyn Inc.

  • 1999

    Job training programs initiated in the western Negev and in Beit Shemesh for people referred by the National Insurance Institute

    Early Intervention Program for toddlers 1-3 years of age opened at Adult Day Center in Haifa

    IE joins Inclusion International, an international umbrella organization for organizations working for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community

  • 2000


    Job Training Program opened in Be’er Sheba, for people referred by the National Insurance Institute

  • 2001


    Program for retirees with disabilities opened at Sabbah Center (in Jerusalem)

    Inclusive preschool opened in East Jerusalem

    IE joins IAJVS (International Associate of Jewish Vocational Services) – a network of Jewish organizations in North America and Israel, which offer employment and vocational services for people with disabilities

  • 2002

    Direct Mail social enterprise moves from Moshav Ora to Talpiot industrial zone

  • 2003


    Afternoon enrichment program opened in Haifa for students of the Gil Special Education School

  • 2004

    Masad course established to train individuals with disabilities in providing logistic assistance to the elderly and other populations, in their homes

    Digital archiving project established in Jerusalem as a social enterprise

    IE celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • 2005


    IE residents who volunteer in the “Everyone Can Contribute” program receive Shalem Foundation Award for Excellence

    Drama group established at IE’s Community Living Services in Jerusalem – “I’m Inspired” play premiers at Israel Museum

    Patt Forum of Israeli organizations that operate rehabilitation employment programs formed at IE’s initiative

    Florida’s South Palm Beach Federation and Boca Raton Jewish Association for Residential Care (JARC) enter into collaboration with IE

  • 2006

    Election of Alvin Israel to manage the sequence of municipal employment services in Raanana for people with developmental intellectual disabilities.

    Inauguration ceremony of an operating garden in the center of Saba, in Jerusalem.

    Opening of a training program on the subject of the transition to supported work, funded by JDC Israel. The program is delivered nationwide by Alvin Israel to entities that provide services to people with disabilities.

    Opening of the Tzomet employment center in Beit Shemesh. The center deals with imparting occupational skills in preparation for placement in the free labor market for people referred by the Ministry of Welfare.

  • 2007


    Katie Manson Sensory Garden inaugurated in Jerusalem

    Shalem Foundation Award received for digital archiving social enterprise

    Kibbutz Usha Early Intervention Center opened, Haifa & Northern Israel Branch

    Beit Bloom building opened on IE’s supported living campus in Jerusalem

    Photography exhibition by residents of IE’s Tal residence, at Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

    Inauguration of Beit Hanan supported apartments, in Jerusalem

  • 2008


    Dedication of Feinstein Building on Jerusalem’s Legacy Heritage Campus, housing the Dvora Agmon Preschool and the Roizman Early Intervention Center

    IE selected to provide supported employment services in all four regions of Israel, by Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services’ Dept. of Rehabilitation

    IE selected by Municipality of Ashkelon to provide employment training and other employment services for persons with intellectual developmental disabilities

    Early Intervention Center in Karmiel opened to serve children with autism from the Galilee and northern Israel

    Stein Early Intervention and Family Center dedicated in Haifa

    IE influences expansion of Early Intervention Centers Legislation, in the Knesset

    International exchange between young adults from IE and JARC (Jewish Association for Residential Care in Boca Raton, Florida)

    Following the opening of IE’s 18+ program, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services choses IE to develop new transition program from School to the world of work named “Creating a Future”

    City of Kfar Yonah chooses IE to develop continuum of employment services

    Knesset enters into standard employer-employee relationship with individuals with disabilities employed for years through IE and other organizations

    Construction of Weinberg Center for Nutrition in Jerusalem completed

  • 2009


    Kfar Yona Regional Employment Training Center opens

    IE employees participate in the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services’ sixth conference on the subject, “Whose Life is This?” in Tel Aviv

    After many years of cooperative activity, IE chosen by the Aroma Espresso Bar chain, as a favored community partner

  • 2010

    Cornerstone laid for new Albert Beresin Employment Training Center in Haifa

    Establishment of support and guidance group for parents and siblings of aging individuals with disabilities living in IE’s Supported Living Program in Jerusalem

    Opening of the Academy for Continuing Education, which includes: support and guidance in developing the organization, strengthening ties with IE’s branches and service recipients, and developing cooperation with other organizations in the field

    Expansion of Early Intervention Centers in Karmiel and in the krayot suburbs of Haifa, Haifa & Northern Israel branch

    New program opened in Jerusalem at IE’s Sabbah Center for special-education students with cerebral palsy, preparing them for the world of work

    Fully accessible women’s health clinic opened at IE’s Supported Living Program in Jerusalem, for periodic checkups and treatment on site. Equipment includes an adapted examination table that can be lowered and raised, and an ultrasound machine.

    Recognition of the contribution of IE’s supported employees with disabilities to cultivating Jerusalem’s sports fields, as part of a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Jerusalem, Aroma Espresso Bar Israel Ltd., and IE, at a ceremony hosted by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat

    Willner Gardens dedicated, in the presence of primary donor Morris Willner and family; Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat; Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger; representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services and the National Insurance Institute; residents from IE’s Supported Living Program in Jerusalem and their families; and IE staff. With the completion of this project, IE’s main campus in Jerusalem is now completely accessible.

  • 2011


    “Creating a Future” transition program for special education students ages 16-21 expanded to schools in Tel Aviv

    Beginning of collaboration with Hebrew University: Direct employment of employees with disabilities at the Ein Karem Campus, and transfer of 1,000 technical drawings from the campus to IE’s digital archiving social enterprise in Jerusalem

    Cooperation begun with the McDonald’s chain, which owns 154 restaurants in Israel, in hiring employees with disabilities supported by IE

    Establishment of a continuum of employment services in Herzliya

  • 2012


    Full-day seminar on “Removing Barriers to Employment of People with Disabilities” held at the Knesset, as a partnership between: IE, the Knesset, Tevet – JDC Israel and IAJVS (International Association of Jewish Vocational Services), as part of the World Council of Jewish Community Services (WCJCS)’s international conference

    On IE’s recommendation, corporate award presented to the Israel Electric Corporation by IAJVS (International Association of Jewish Vocational Services), in recognition of its employment of people with disabilities

  • 2013


    IE receives its first non-profit seal of approval from Midot, a group that evaluates the effectiveness and transparency of Israeli organizations

    Dedication ceremony for the new Albert Beresin Employment Training Center in Haifa, which will provide a continuum of employment services

    First Self-Advocacy Conference for People with Disabilities, a collaboration between IE and Beit Issie Shapiro, to help advance the development of self-advocacy groups and a leadership cadre among people with disabilities in Israel

    Full-day seminar, “We’re All Entitled to Service: Making Medical Services Accessible to People with Disabilities,” a collaboration between the Henrietta Szold School of Nursing at the Hadassah Medical Center and IE’s Academy for Continuing Education and Supported Living Services

    IE’s Academy for Continuing Education initiates a course in job-oriented computer skills for people with intellectual developmental disabilities

    Nine service recipients with intellectual developmental disabilities successfully complete the first leadership training course in Jerusalem, developed as part of IE’s joint project with Beit Issie Shapira, focusing on leadership of self-advocacy groups

    IE’s Academy for Continuing Education begins collaborating with the Law Clinic for the Rights of People with Disabilities (Law Faculty, Hebrew University) on two projects: 1) lingual accessibility of labor laws and workplace regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment, and 2) workshops about workplace regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment.

    IE’s Retiree Program in Jerusalem expands and moves to its permanent home, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Retiree Center building

    Early Intervention Center opened in Kiryat Bialik in temporary quarters

  • 2014

    Premier of the play Love without Limits at the Israel Museum, performed by residents of IE’s Community Living Services

    Second Annual Self-Advocacy Conference for People with Disabilities held, with participation of over 100 self-advocates, facilitators and professionals

    Professionals from IE’s Supported Living Services begin to participate in meetings of the Knesset’s Health and Social Services Committee on the subject of accessibility regulations for Israel’s medical services

    IE and its partner, the Ortal Employment Agency, awarded the National Insurance Institute’s contract for placement of people with disabilities in the competitive job market

    IE’s and Beit Issie Shapiro’s joint Self-Advocacy Project presented at AAIDD’s (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) annual conference in Orlando, by professionals from both organizations

    IE awarded contract by the Ashkelon Municipality and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services to continue operating a continuum of employment services

    IE chosen by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services to prepare young adults with disabilities, who are completing their National Service, for the competitive job market through its Reshet (Network) program.

    IE’s new, cognitively accessible booklet, “My Rights at Work,” formally launched

    Operation of the Mosaic Program, as an umbrella organization providing support and guidance to the Shlomit and Aminadav organizations, for inclusion of people with disabilities in National Service

  • 2015


    Transitions program, to prepare students with disabilities for the competitive job market, opens at Elwyn El Quds (East Jerusalem)

    IE’s CEO David Marcu invited by Jerusalem’s mayor, Nir Barkat, to sit on the city’s Advisory Council on People with Disabilities, along with heads of municipal departments, and leaders of NPOs and other public bodies

    Implementation of quality control regulation (ISO 9001) procedures in programs to augment staff professionalism and improve service

    Members of “Photographing from the Heart,” the photography social enterprise developed from an activity at IE’s Kfar Yona Employment Training Center, win the Shalem Fund’s Excellence Award in the category of unique activities by people with intellectual developmental disabilities in the working world

    Within the framework of training courses funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles – completion of the course for training female service recipients as assistants for early-childhood education, a partnership between Wizo and IE

  • 2016

    Course organized in cooperation with the Israeli Institute on Cognitive Accessibility, to train staff members in writing that is cognitively accessible to people with intellectual developmental disabilities

    IE awarded the Miriam Ben-Haim prize by the Technion in recognition of our work with medical students, as part of a course introducing them to Israel’s medical system

    Transition of residents from the Supported Living Services to Community Living Services – in an ongoing process

    Full-day seminar, facilitated by IE’s Academy for Continuing Education, on “Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace,” for staff members, as part of the process of making employment laws and regulations accessible to service recipients

  • 2017


    Construction of Early Intervention Center in Kiryat Bialik begins

    The Leonardo Hotel in Netanya (a member of the Fattal group) mounts permanent exhibition of works from the social initiative “Photographing from the Heart”

    IE wins several significant contracts – the National Insurance Institute’s Rehabilitation Division’s tender for professional rehabilitative support in the Jerusalem & Southern Israel branch; the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services’ tender for operating an Early Intervention Center in Kiryat Ata; and the Isfiya Local Authority’s tender for employment services for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities

    Production of a cognitively accessible booklet on the transition from work to retirement, for service recipients.

    IE and Beit Issie Shapiro, which initiated the National Self-Advocacy Project together in 2011, win the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services’ category of Special Initiatives – National Leadership for Self-Advocacy. The project has enjoyed years of generous support from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Ruderman Family Foundation.

  • 2018


    Full-day seminar, in cooperation with the Hadassah Medical Center’s School of Nursing (Hebrew University) on making hospital emergency rooms accessible for people with intellectual developmental disabilities

    Opening of Retirees’ Center in Herzliya

    IE wins Ministry of Justice contract to make legal services accessible for children, youth, and adults with disabilities, by training legal system personnel through exposure to the field of disabilities

    Residents from the Supported Living Services participate in Inclusion International’s annual conference on the subject of self-advocacy. The conference was held in England.

    Inauguration of the new Morris Willner Early Intervention Center building in Kiryat Bialik

  • 2019


    Opening of accessible courses for people with intellectual disabilities at universities and colleges throughout Israel – “Academic Exposure” at Haifa University, “Equal in Education” at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, learning skills course at the Talpiot College in Holon

    Opening of chef’s assistant professional training course, in collaboration with “Ta’amim” College, at IE’s branches throughout the country

    Opening of the Early Intervention Center in Tzfat

    The “For a Change” volunteer program is awarded The Zero Project entrepreneurial prize at a well-attended ceremony at the UN building in Vienna, Austria

    IE wins Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Services contract for Early Intervention Centers in Nahariya and Ma’ale Yosef

    IE awarded contract by the Ashkelon Municipality for extended school-day program in “Moriya” school

    IE wins Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Services contract for the Tomorrow Project, involving the placement of groups of people with disabilities in jobs in the competitive job market

  • 2020


    The “Creating a Future” transition program awarded The Zero Project prize at a well-attended ceremony at the UN building in Vienna, Austria

    Ofir Akunis, Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services visits IE’s Academy for Continuing Education

    IE awarded contract by the Raanana Municipality for operating retiree programs


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