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Job Placement in the Competitive Job Market

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Israel Elwyn’s Supported Employment Program provides a variety of supportive and adaptive measures including wage issues and employee-employer relations for thousands of employees with disabilities throughout the country interested in joining the competitive job market. Program team staff accompany service recipients in locating desirable jobs and help them join the job market either individually or in groups.

Job training programs in the community offer employees the opportunity to acquire or sharpen essential employment skills. The program includes learning skills relevant to the competitive job market alongside a professional support system and the option to participate in recognized professional training.

Program staff guide both employers and employees at the service recipient’s place of work during the acclimation process in order to ensure and develop the employee’s career.
The program operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services and local municipalities.

Target Population

The program is open to people with disabilities, aged 18 and over, interested in joining the job market.

Referring Organizations

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs’ Administration for People with Disabilities and Municipal Departments of Social Services, direct requests by service recipient’s parents and via various organizations.

Program Acceptance Procedures

Acceptance into the program is subject to approval by an acceptance committee consisting of the municipal Department of Social Services and program staff and in accordance with the service recipient’s inclination.


Sunday through Thursday, between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Volunteer Activity

People interested in volunteering are invited to contact the people listed below.

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Jerusalem & Southern Israel Branch
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Haifa and Northern Israel Branch
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