“Creating a Future”


Transitional Program
“Creating a Future”

In preparation for the transition from school to post-education programs, the Transitional Program for high school-aged youth with disabilities prepares and exposes students to job opportunities and provides hands-on experience in the competitive job market. The program serves as a starting point to help students formulate their identity as future members of the work force.

The program focuses on personal choice of post-education options and the acquisition of broad job skills through personal and professional accompaniment.

In addition to emphasis on post-educational pre-employment preparation programs, the Transitional Program exposes participants to additional post-education programs such as military service, National Service and ongoing education, all in accordance with participants’ inclinations and aspirations.


לוגו פרויקט זירו
Zero Project Award
In 2020, “Creating a Future” received the Essel Foundation’s exclusive, international Zero Project Award. Each year, the Zero Project locates the most outstanding programs throughout the world in the field of people with disabilities.

Target Population

The program is open to special education school students and students in public school inclusive classes completing their final year of high school (ages 16 – 21).


The program was initiated by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs with the development and professional guidance of Dr. Shelly Nordheim and Dr. Mina Raz and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and local municipalities. For the last decade, the program is operated by Israel Elwyn.

Referring Organizations

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs’ Administration for People with Disabilities via regional municipalities.

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