Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Vision and Values


Israel Elwyn foresees a society in which people with disabilities will be citizens with equal rights; a society in which we all aspire to determine our own future and way of life.


Israel Elwyn develops and provides a wide array of supports, means of accessibility and tools for people with disabilities, while constantly striving for excellence of service and the creation of a just society. Together with people with disabilities and society at large, we shall continue working as an innovative and cutting-edge organization.


  • A Just Society

    A Just Society

    The commitment of Israeli society to the rights of people with disabilities is based on its recognition of the principle of equality, the value of each human being as created in God’s image and the dignity of every person. A just society is committed to assuring equality of opportunity and to safeguarding the right of each person to participate equally and actively in all spheres of life, as well as the right to make decisions regarding one’s own life, according to personal desires and preferences. A just society shall preserve the right of each person to an appropriate solution to his or her special needs and in a manner that will enable a life of maximum independence, in privacy and with dignity.

  • Belief in People

    Belief in People

    We believe that every person, whoever he or she may be, possesses abilities and inner strengths.

  • Accessibility


    Every person has the right to an accessible environment which helps facilitate an active and full life within society for him or her.

  • Self-Advocacy


    Every person is capable of self representation and standing up for the fulfillment of his or her rights. Developing this ability enables a person to take responsibility for his or her life, to have an impact on his or her surroundings and to fulfill his or her needs and desires.

  • Communication


    The lines of communication are always clear and open between the organization’s staff members and the individuals with disabilities, who receive our support, as well as our partners (family members, local governments, government ministries, collegial organizations and service providers), among staff members themselves, and between the organization and the society in which it operates.

  • Professionalism


    We strive to meet the highest criteria of achievement in every action we undertake, both as individual professionals and as an organization, and to continue meeting these criteria.

  • Openness


    We are committed to challenging conventional wisdom, to listening to and suggesting new ideas, to sharing our cumulative knowledge and unique work methods with colleagues within and outside the organization, and to paying attention to feedback and criticism from those to whom we provide supports and from our colleagues.

  • A Learning Organization

    A Learning Organization

    Israel Elwyn’s is a culture of learning from successes and failures – through reaching conclusions and applying them, and through documenting and disseminating knowledge both internally and externally. This culture is characterized by openness and transparency in each of the organization’s programs. It also includes the desire and ability to learn from those with whom we collaborate and the existence of a comprehensive array of ongoing counseling and study programs. All of this enables us to constantly our achievements in a way that fosters synergy.

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