Youth & Young Adults


Youth and Young Adults

  • Transitional Program “Creating a Future”

    In preparation for the transition from school to post-secondary education, the Transitional Program for high school-aged youth with disabilities prepares and exposes students to job opportunities and provides hands-on experience in the competitive job market. The program serves as a starting point to help students formulate their identity as future members of the work force.

    Jerusalem & Southern Israel Branch, Elwyn El-Quds Branch, Haifa & Northern Israel Branch, the Sharon & Central Israel Branch

  • Future Directions

    Future Directions is a three-year study program operated by Israel Elwyn to provide professional technology certification and employment competency.
    The program enables young adults with disabilities aged 18+ to study in a Ministry of Education program for technological certification and to acquire the soft skills necessary to improve their chances in the competitive job market.

    Throughout Israel

  • “Reshet” Youth Center

    The “Reshet” program supports students aged 16-18 with physical, sensory or complex learning disabilities enrolled in regular schools.
    The program helps students to explore the opportunities and possibilities available to them upon completion of school, such as military service, national service, professional and academic studies or employment in the competitive job market.

    City of Holon

  • The “For a Change” Program Encouraging Volunteerism by Youth with Disabilities

    The “For a Change” program was developed with the belief that young people with disabilities are capable of volunteering and that they deserve the chance to contribute and influence the community like any other young person.
    Israel Elwyn intends to apply the knowledge gained from the program’s development and from the activities in all the schools attended by students with disabilities.

    Jerusalem & Southern Israel Branch,  Elwyn El-Quds Branch, Haifa & Northern Israel Branch, the Sharon & Central Israel Branch

  • After School Educational Services

    Israel Elwyn’s Afternoon School Educational Services program enables special education school students to take part in a variety of enrichment activities after regular school hours. The program provides knowledge and skills beyond those that are taught during regular morning school hours and encourages active student participation.

    Haifa &Northern Israel Branch, Elwyn El-Quds Branch

  • The Mosaic Program – National Service for All

    The Mosaic Program provides supports for volunteers who participate in national service programs through the nonprofit organizations that enable young people with disabilities who are exempt from IDF military service and between ages 18-27 to take part in national service.

    Throughout Israel

  • Shoval – Equal in Education

    The Shoval (Equal in Education) Program – Shoval enables people with intellectual disabilities or autism to enter institutions of higher education and to learn about different academic fields, such as communications, law, psychology and others, while also participating in the overall academic student experience. The program was established in a cooperation between the Rabin Leadership Program at IDC Herzliya and Israel Elwyn.

    The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya
    Tel Aviv University

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