Higher Education for All!


Higher Education for All!

Israel Elwyn believes that every individual has the right to participate in all areas of life, and that it is society’s responsibility, as a just society, to adapt all available services and enable equal opportunity for all citizens. In this context, Israel Elwyn spearheads a number of unique programs in collaboration with several academic institutions that have the specific goal of enabling individuals with disabilities to be part of academia.

  • Shoval – Equal in Education

    The Shoval (Equal in Education) – Shoval enables individuals with a cognitive disability and autism to enter institutions of higher education, to be exposed to a variety of academic professions – communications, law, psychology – and to participate in the overall student academic experience. The course was founded as part of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center’s Rabin Leadership Program in conjunction with Israel Elwyn.

    The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya
    Tel Aviv University

  • Rights Coordinator Course

    As part of the unique collaboration between Israel Elwyn’s Haifa and Northern Branch and Haifa University’s “flagship program”, there is a course on the acquisition of skills for community activists, with and without disabilities, in the area of exercising rights.

    The University of Haifa

  • Academic Exposure Program

    Studying with full-time students while participating in practical work in departmental labs, attending preliminary classes in various academic subjects taught by lecturers from the university’s different departments, learning applied scholastic skills and computer literacy skills, taking part in a wide-range of on-campus student activities.

    The University of Haifa

  • The Gordon College of Education in Haifa

    The distinct cooperative efforts between Israel Elwyn’s Haifa and Northern Israel Branch and the Gordon College of Education have generated a number of unique training programs for individuals with disabilities, including a training course for preschool day center and kindergarten assistants.

    The Gordon College of Education in Haifa

  • The Talpiot College of Education, Holon

    A unique educational program promoting a weekly academic learning experience led by students in the special education and arts programs.

    The Talpiot College of Education, Holon

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