The Katie Manson Sensory Garden


The Katie Manson Sensory Garden

The Katie Manson Sensory Garden in Jerusalem adds a new dimension to services provided to individuals with disabilities. The Garden constitutes a place for dynamic activity in a green, calm and relaxing setting. It encourages the use and stimulation of various senses in a supportive and accessible location through the use of dedicated equipment that is suitable for all ages and types of disabilities and was designed by a group of experts specifically for this purpose.

The Garden is divided into four areas corresponding to different senses: touch, sight, hearing and smell. The division intensifies the sensory stimulation and enables each of the senses to operate separately.


The Garden is operated by Israel Elwyn and was established thanks to the generous assistance of the Manson Family of Manchester, UK, together with a group of philanthropists who contributed to the Garden through the Jerusalem Foundation. Additional partners in the Garden project include: The Shalem Fund; The Albert Beresin Trust; United Jewish Appeal of Manchester, England; The National Insurance Institute of Israel’s Fund for the Development of Services for People with Disabilities; the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs and the Social Services Department of the Municipality of Jerusalem.

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