Self-Advocacy Program


Self-Advocacy Program

The Self-Advocacy Program was initiated for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who wish to stand up for their own rights and become trailblazers for change.

Each Self-Advocacy Group has a leader, an individual with intellectual disabilities, who serves as the group’s advocate. The entire group is supported by a facilitator who helps them to focus on achieving the optimal solutions to pressing issues.

Local groups have representatives in the National Self-Advocacy Group that was created through a unique collaboration between Israel Elwyn and Beit Issie Shapiro, in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Ruderman Family Foundation.

Examples of joint self-advocacy activities have included a meeting in the Knesset on the Guardianship and Supported Decision Making Law; a meeting with the Egged Transportation Company on accessibility adaptations to public buses; and more.

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