“On the Road to Employment”


“On the Road to Employment”

“On the Road to Employment” provides support to individuals with disabilities living at home while they participate in job placement programs. Support is provided both to the service recipient and to their family.

Target Population

The program is intended for individuals with disabilities aged 21 and over, who are recognized by the Disabilities Administration at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs.

Referring Organizations

The Disabilities Administration at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, Municipal Departments of Social Services, direct requests by parents and various organizations.

Program Acceptance

Acceptance into the program is subject to approval by a committee consisting of the municipal department of social services and program staff, in accordance with the wishes of the service recipient.

Work Hours

Two weekly meetings are conducted with the service recipient and one weekly meeting is conducted for parental guidance.

Volunteer Activity

Program volunteers include private individuals, college students, national service volunteers, high school students, organized groups and employee organizations. Activity is suited to the preferences of the volunteers and to the program’s needs. Potential volunteers are invited to contact the individuals listed below.

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