“Mosaic – National Service for All”


The Mosaic Program – National Service for All

The Mosaic Program is a supportive plan for associations (amutot) that operate National Service programs for young people with disabilities who are exempt from IDF military service, between the ages 18-27.

The program provides support and professional accompaniment to staff and young people who participate in the program, providing assistance as they join the National Service system as volunteers able to contribute to society, similar to their peers.

Participants enjoy unique support, including training days that touch upon different topics in preparation for a successful, meaningful and experiential service as well as preparation for “the day after” and post-service programs.

The video is in Hebrew only.


The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Authority for National Service, The Opportunity Fund and National Service Associations, “Shlomit” and “Aminadav”.

How to join?

Are you exempt from military service and are interested in joining the National Service and taking part in the Mosaic Program?


Please contact one of the National Service Associations:


Shlomit – click here


Aminadav – click here

What do Mosaic Program participants have to say about the program?

Nir, a volunteer in Rambam Hospital: “Instead of army service, I am making my contribution to the country. I’m happy that I am able to do my part. The light that I bring, I bring in my smile. I always enter my place of service smiling.”


Miriam, a kindergarten volunteer: “When the kindergarten staff is frustrated from their hard work, I raise everyone’s morale and help them renew their energy.”


Yisrael, an MDA volunteer: “My light shines through self-realization and pride in myself. I can’t do military service because of my status, but I decided that I want to be part of the country and want to contribute my part.”


Or, a school volunteer: “I play a significant role for the children. It is hard for the kids when I don’t come to class. They miss my help.”


Oriel, a Bureau of Labor volunteer: “Customer service at the Bureau of Labor has gotten better since I came. My way of doing things brought change.”
Yuval, kindergarten volunteer: “To be responsible for everything going on around me.”


Daniel, a customer service volunteer: “To know how to communicate and find my place among other people.”


Mikki, a kindergarten volunteer: “I can help through my ability to identify with the kids because of my own difficulties as a child and I understand how to help them. My ray of light in the kindergarten is Arieli – the little girl I really, really like.”


Nikko, a volunteer in the fire department: “National Service gives me the opportunity to find the similarities between Arab society and Jewish society.”


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