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Tomer Schwartz and David Agaviev, from the “MAX” Haifa chain

“We encourage employing people with disabilities! Working with Israel Elwyn has been very challenging and satisfying. Most of the employees in our store have been working there for four years, which just goes to show how serious and dedicated they are to their work!

The group is supported by Alaa Haleila, a job coach from Israel Elwyn’s Haifa and Northern Israel branch, who gives his whole heart and soul to his work, and with endless consideration, encouragement, reinforcement, does everything possible for his group.

We feel very great satisfaction with employing workers with disabilities.

We hope that many other employers will include people with disabilities, in order to integrate them into society as much as possible!”

Tomer Schwartz and David Agaviev, from the “MAX” Haifa chain


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