As an Open-Door Employer, I promote equal opportunity and social inclusion!

Would you like to be involved in significant social change?
Would you like to employ people who truly value their jobs?
Would you like to collaborate with us?
You have come to the right place!

Hundreds of people with disabilities nationwide are successfully employed in jobs in the public sector, such as the Knesset, courts of law, municipal and government offices, as well as in the business sector in factories, hotels, cafes, retail chains, large companies and small businesses, supported by Israel Elwyn’s professional staff.

Employers are fully supported with free job placement services, including locating suitable staff, expert advice, employer and employee relationship support, and guidance during the acclimation and inclusion process. In addition, employers enjoy employment flexibility, ability-tiered remuneration, and, most importantly, dedicated, highly motivated and loyal employees.

This is a win-win situation that makes a meaningful contribution to both the employer and the employee.

Organizations, companies and businesses interested in receiving more details and in exploring the possibility of hiring employees with disabilities are invited to contact us.

Businesses that are full partners in employing individuals with disabilities in the competitive job market are awarded the Open-Door Employer social badge, which recognizes their contribution to the cause of equal opportunity by opening a door to true social inclusion!

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