“Reshet” Youth Center


“Reshet” Youth Center

The “Reshet” program is intended for high school students between ages 15-18 with physical, sensory or complex learning disabilities who attend special education or inclusive high schools in Holon.

The program helps them explore the opportunities available to them after completing high school, such as military service, national service, professional and academic studies, as well as the competitive job market.

“Reshet” enables these students to gain the skills they need to create satisfying, inclusive lives in the future by learning about employment options, living independently and social enterprises. The program also provides a framework for them to interact with their peers.

Target Population

The program is open to students with disabilities in their last year of high school (aged 16-18), in inclusive classes in a mainstream school.


The program, operated by Israel Elwyn, presently exists in the city of Holon in cooperation with the Holon Municipality, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, and “Campus,” the local youth center.

Referring Organizations

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs’ Administration for People with Disabilities via the local municipality.

Volunteer Activity

Program volunteers include private individuals, college students, National Service volunteers, high school students, organized groups and employee organizations. Activity is adapted to correspond to the volunteer’s requests and program needs. Potential volunteers are invited to contact the project coordinator.

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